Magic Transformation Matrix

This is for you if:

  • You would like to feel good (or even great!) within your body and life
  • You have a special gift for caring for others, meanwhile you're running on empty, giving everything and feeling completely depleted.
  • You're exhausted, recovering from an emotional upheaval, and need support in your road to recovery.
  • Perhaps you're simply feeling run down, tired, uncomfortable in your skin, or there's something more sinister going on.
  • Whenever you try to improve your wellbeing, you make really good progress for a week or two and then return to old behaviours and patterns, ending up right back where you started.

This 12 week Transformation Journey is a synergy of:

  1. Be-Well Transformation, utilising the 9 Pillars of Health based on Ancient Wisdom and backed by evidence-based science.
  2. Energetic Transformation, to release the blocks holding you back, such as Self-Sabotage, Perfectionism, Avoidance and the Inner Critic.
  3. Implementing simple, sustainable and sometimes subtle steps, creating personalised healthy habits, to support your Transformation Journey.

We begin on Monday 4th September 2023. 

Here's what's included:

12 Weeks of Training: bite-sized videos based on the 9 Pillars of Health, offering different tips and tools, where you can choose what's appropriate for you to implement

3 Live Energetic Transformation Sessions – 60 mins each (recorded), to release blocks that are preventing you from moving forward

3 Live Q&A Sessions: ask us anything – 60 mins each (recorded) 

2 hours of One-on-one Coaching comprising of 

  • 60 minutes with Ruth to assess your individual body, lifestyle, challenges and goals, and provide personalised tools.
  • 60 minutes with Helen to assess areas that require energy healing, and provide Quantum Level reprogramming and Energy Healing,

12 weeks of Tools for your Toolbox: You’ll get further audios and videos to support you, including movement & breathwork practices, visualisations, handouts, recipes, processes, meditations and journals, sleep recalibration & clearing.

Energy Healing: To remove any resistance that is holding you back while expanding your levels of WELL-being so you can embody higher levels of energy, happiness and harmony.

Safe & Supportive Group: where we inspire and encourage each other in a safe and supportive environment. Both Helen & Ruth are active in the group so you'll have lots of access to us. AND when a group of people come together to Transform, the result is magnified - just like MAGIC!

Super Cool Platform: we absolutely love this platform. It's called MemberVault and when you sign-up, you'll get access. It's great! Everything from the 6 Live call recordings to the rest of the tools mentioned above will be in one place. 


We are thrilled to offer you a VIP option where you can receive an additional 3 x 60 minute Private Coaching sessions with Ruth and/or Helen. This is amazing if:

  • You'd like additional Private Energy Transformation sessions to work through emotional blockages such as old wounding or trauma, inner child work, shadow work.
  • You'd like additional Be-Well Transformation consultations
  • You'd like personalised Movement sessions

These sessions will be valid until Friday 8th December.

5 Modules

Resistance: Self-Doubt

Recording from our live zoom call. Tapping with Self-Doubt


2nd Pillar - Sleep

  • Physiological changes that occur with insufficient quality sleep
  • Ayurveda Body Clock
  • Tips to set yourself up for an amazing sleep
  • Ayurveda Herbs to support sleep
  • Foods to support sleep
  • Tapping to Calm Oneself before sleep

Additional Resources

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